Every so often, when we come across a book that we find spiritually educational or inspiring, we’ll share it here in case it’s valuable for others.  I really didn’t know how I’d feel about ‘You’ll Get Through This‘, if I’m being honest.  I don’t often gravitate toward this type of book, and thought it might be a bit melodramatic for where I was in life.  But I really loved it.

A brief overview of “You’ll Get Through This”

Subtitled “Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times”, Lucado blends (short) personal and historical anecdotes with bible scripture, punchy analogies, and questions (with encouraging answers) that examine topics such as patience, anger, forgiveness, trials and testing, family, grief, our perception of God’s involvement, resilience…and ultimately whether we (truly, deep-down) believe God is “good” in both good times AND bad.

Whether we’ve been hit with sudden trials, are dealing with childhood hurts, experiencing one of those “low” periods in life, or simply struggling to process the stress of the world around us day-to-day, this book helps us consider how we react (to circumstances, and to God) and how we move forward.

And it does so in a way that is both encouraging yet realistic.  It doesn’t offer trite platitudes or hit you with guilt trips.  At its heart it focuses on and helps us analyze our perspective, but not in a way that minimizes the pain, stress, loneliness, or anger we may be feeling.

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Woven through the entire book is an examination of Joseph’s story in the bible.  Lucado really brings the young Hebrew’s experience into detailed focus in a way that modern readers can connect to and compare to their own experiences.  Betrayed by someone we trusted?  Check.  Blamed for something we didn’t do?  Check.  In a long period of struggle with no end in sight?  Check.  Got our hopes up but the person never came through?  Check.

As each chapter’s theme is explored, we gain perspective into how Joseph experienced different events (bad and good) in real-time and what he may have been feeling or thinking.  And then pulling back from the narrative to see the bigger picture of how God was working with Joseph every step of the way, and how He ultimately used everything that was “meant for evil, for good instead” (Gen. 50:20, paraphrase).

How does God use challenging circumstances in our development, and how do we perceive Him during trials?  What do we do when God fails to meet our expectations, or crosses a line we drew in the sand?  How are we supposed to have an “attitude of gratitude” when it’s hard to feel thankful?  How do I truly trust that God knows what He’s doing?  The 150-page book asks these questions, and more.

For such an easy read, there is a lot of substance here.  I found that reading a chapter a few times a week after doing my daily bible reading only took about 5-10 minutes, and put me in a really positive and reflective mindset as I headed into my work day!

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