Bible studies on a variety of Christian living topics to help each of us in our calling to walk rightly with God, live His way, and grow in grace and knowledge.

A Practical Approach to Worry & Anxiety in the Bible

In the Hands of a Master Blacksmith: Becoming Strong, Useful Instruments

The Feast of Tabernacles & the Fleeting Nature of Man

“Let Your Light Shine”:  Being a Light in a Dark World

The Pursuit of Happiness…What Does It Mean? Joy in the Bible

Spiritual Leprosy, Part 1: Recognizing the Symptoms

A New Lump, Purged From Sin

The Signs of Spiritual Erosion

What Does God Call An Abomination? Is It Relevant To Us Today?

When You Pray: What’s In Your Closet?

What Does it Mean to Be ‘Ambassadors for Christ’?  What Is Required of Us?

Spiritual Strongholds: Laying Siege to the “Walled City” Inside Us

Lessons from Haggai About Zeal:  Just Do It

“Salt of the Earth” – What’s the Significance of Salt?

Pulling Down Strongholds: the “Walled City” in Front of Us

The Lie of Independence & the Freedom of a Bondservant

Seven Days You Shall Eat Unleavened Bread…Now What? (partaking of our Daily Bread)

Flee vs. Pursue: What Does God’s Word Command?

Spiritual Endurance:  Getting “In Shape”

Allegory in the Book of Esther: Fear vs. Faith (Musings on Faith)

Unthankfulness: Is Ingratitude the Root of Most Sins?

Controlling Anger

Fear and Love Can’t Coexist (Musings on Faith)

‘Kicking Against the Pricks’ – Stubbornness vs. Submission

In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him – What Does it Mean?

Comparison & Envy – The Key to Unhappiness

Biblical Meditation: What Does It Really Mean to Us?

Come Out of Her My People: Lessons From Rahab’s Faith (Musings on Faith)


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