These articles dive deeper into specific bible study topics, the meaning of words and how they’re used in the bible, and individual bible verses.

Jesus As The “Author & Finisher” of Our Faith: What Does This Mean?

“Take Up Your Cross Daily”: How Should Christians Look at the Cross? (Passover Study)

What Did Jesus Mean By “My Yoke Is Easy to Bear”? Going Beyond the Surface Meaning of This Verse

Burnt Offerings to Living Sacrifices:  What Worshipping a Holy God Requires of Us

Maintaining a “Sober” Mind In A Spiritually Intoxicated World

“All Things Made New”:  The Eighth Day in God’s Holy Day Plan

Do You Offer Your Firstfruits to God? (And No, I’m Not Talking About Money)

Series on Surveying the Gospels: Looking at the “Big Picture” Themes of Jesus’ Words & Actions

Deep Roots in Times of Trouble:  Lessons from the Acacia Tree

What Does “Casting Down Arguments & Pretensions” Mean in II Cor. 10:5? (II Cor. 10 Series, Part 3)

Psalm 37’s Message: A Prescription for the Diseases of Envy & Anxiety (Part 1)

“God Remembered…”: Our Father’s Faithfulness in Action, & Future Fulfillment in the Feast of Trumpets

Why & How Does God Use the Number 40 in the Bible?  Specific Examples for Our Own Wilderness Journey

Through the Wilderness: The Journey of Our Lives

Leadership Qualities in the Bible: Examples That Business Leaders Can Learn From

“Do Not Love the World”: A Spiritual Application of Burning Platform Theory

Occupying Your God-Given Space:  Humility in a Self-Esteem World (word study on anavah)

The Analogy of Sin as a Virus…and Repentance as Radical Transformation

Stand Still & Wait: Worldly vs. Godly Solutions (Musings on Faith Series)

FOMO:  How to Derail Your Relationship With God

As Far as East From the West:  The Second Atonement Goat

What Does Psalm 20:4 Mean? Our Heart’s Desires & Fulfilling Our Purpose

Eyes on the Horizon: Tips For Navigating This Life

A Practical Approach to Worry & Anxiety in the Bible

Circumcision, Baptism, & Passover:  Entering Into Covenant With God

In the Hands of a Master Blacksmith: Becoming Strong, Useful Instruments

The Feast of Tabernacles & the Fleeting Nature of Man

“Let Your Light Shine”:  Being a Light in a Dark World

The Pursuit of Happiness…What Does It Mean? Joy in the Bible

Spiritual Leprosy, Part 1: Recognizing the Symptoms

A New Lump, Purged From Sin (Spiritual Purging)

The Signs of Spiritual Erosion

Who Is The Antichrist? Series

What Does God Call An Abomination? Is It Relevant To Us Today?

When You Pray: What’s In Your Closet?

What Does It Mean to Be ‘Ambassadors for Christ’?  What Is Required of Us?

Spiritual Strongholds: Laying Siege to the “Walled City” Inside Us (II Cor. 10 Series, Part 2)

Lessons from Haggai About Zeal:  Just Do It

“Salt of the Earth” – What’s the Significance of Salt?

Pulling Down Strongholds:  the “Walled City” in Front of Us (II Cor. 10 Series, Part 1)

The Lie of Independence & the Freedom of a Bondservant

Seven Days You Shall Eat Unleavened Bread…Now What? (the unleavened bread of Christ)

Flee vs. Pursue: What Does God’s Word Command?

Spiritual Endurance:  Getting “In Shape”

Themes from the Book of Ecclesiastes & the Feast of Tabernacles

Unthankfulness: Is Ingratitude the Root of Most Sins?

Controlling Anger

‘Kicking Against the Pricks’ – Stubbornness vs. Submission

“In All Your Ways Acknowledge Him” – What Does It Mean? (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Comparison & Envy – The Key to Unhappiness

Biblical Meditation – What Does It Really Mean to Us?

Musings on Faith Series:

Allegory in the Book of Esther: Fear vs. Faith

Fear and Love Can’t Coexist

Lessons from Rahab’s Faith:  “Come Out of Her My People”

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