What role do the biblical holy days play today?

Most people believe the biblical holy days to be a relic of pre-Christ worship, meant for ancient Israel and modern-day Jews but of little importance to followers of Christ.  However, we know that Christ’s followers kept the biblical holy days both before and after His death, and believe that they are commanded for disciples today.

The biblical holy days also are filled with countless symbols, parallels, amazing prophetic duality, and provide a beautiful roadmap of God’s plan for mankind.  These studies dig deeper into what we can learn from God’s holy days.

Spring Holy Days

Jesus Christ as Our Kinsman-Redeemer: Redemption & Slavery (Passover Themes)

Passover & the Days of Unleavened Bread: Our Betrothal to Jesus Christ

Seven Days You Shall Eat Unleavened Bread…Now What?

A New Lump, Purged From Sin (Unleavened Bread Thoughts)

Leaving Egypt & The Fall of Jericho: Prophetic Implications of the Days of Unleavened Bread

From Wave Sheaf to Wave Loaves:  the Feast of Firstfruits & Acceptance of the Elect

Year of Jubilee & Pentecost — Inheritance & Freedom

Fall Holy Days

Harvest Seasons in Prophecy & Food for Thought on the Feast of Trumpets

The Feast of Trumpets:  Dark Before the Light

The Day of Atonement & Covering the World

The Book of Ecclesiastes & the Feast of Tabernacles

The Feast of Tabernacles & the Fleeting Nature of Man

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