Bible prophecy is not all fire and brimstone and Armageddon–the entire bible is prophecy from start to finish.

These articles (and many to come) explore many different prophetic themes, including the various prophetic roles of Christ, prophecies of the end time, how the biblical holy days give us a picture of God’s plan, and what role the firstfruits will play.

Bible Prophecy 101:  Where to Start (with downloadable powerpoint)

“All Things Made New”:  The Eighth Day in God’s Holy Day Plan

“God Remembered…”: Our Father’s Faithfulness in Action, & Future Fulfillment in the Feast of Trumpets

“Do Not Love the World”: A Spiritual Application of Burning Platform Theory

Who is the Antichrist? series (introduction)

Harvest Seasons in Prophecy and Feast of Trumpets Food for Thought

Themes From the Book of Lamentations for the Fall Holy Days

From Wave Sheaf to Wave Loaves: the Feast of Firstfruits & Acceptance of the Elect

Leaving Egypt & The Fall of Jericho: Prophetic Implications of the Days of Unleavened Bread

The Book of Ecclesiastes & the Feast of Tabernacles

The Day of Atonement & Covering the World

The Feast of Trumpets:  Dark Before the Light

Christ as Our Kinsman-Redeemer:  Redemption from Slavery (Passover Themes)

Passover & the Days of Unleavened Bread:  Our Betrothal to Christ (Passover Themes)

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